Georgina Preston (b. 1996) is a British documentary, portrait, fashion and lifestyle photographer. She is best known for her enigmatic portraits of people in subcultures, with an atmospheric aesthetic and a natural way of capturing a moment in time. Her subtle interaction with her subjects leads to genuine depictions of authentic life. She studied Photography BA (Hons) at the University of West England. 

Her fashion work has seen her shoot for luxury brands, such as Christy Turlington for Carolina Herrera and Ginevra Rossini for Ralph Lauren, and young talent on the island of Mustique for Pink House Mustique. Francesca Cumani as styled by Sarah Kate Byrne for ITV Racing. Country brand clients include Schoffel and TROY. 

Georgina travels all over the world for her work. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust commissioned her to spend two weeks in Kenya, photographing emotive scenes and portraits of their Elephants at their various lodges in Nairobi and Tsavo.  

Riding Safari's utilise Georgina's horsemanship skills and niche ability to photograph whilst riding to document their experiences. Working with Black Saddle Travel, commissions include Jakotango in Patagonia, for Jakob von Plessen, Estancia Los Potreros in Cordoba, Argentina, Kukutana and George Scott Rides both in Andalucia and Offbeat in Kenya,  Documenting the Big Hoof in Italy took her to the Royal Palace of Carditello in Napoly and Castello del Calcione in Tuscany. 

Georgina has worked on many commercial equestrian commissions for brands such as Toggi, Racesafe, Derby House, Smart Grooming, Ri Dry, PC Racewear and Rideaway. Her private client commissions include Ascot Racecourse, Whatcombe Racing, Barnes Thompson, Trainer Magazine, Rose Cameron Rides, the Virginia Gold Cup and Great Meadow Foundation, as well as numerous private portrait commissions in the Toronto and Montreal in Canada and Virginia, US.

Her understanding of rural life, combined with her distinctive  style makes her a popular choice with publications such as Fieldsports Journal, Country Life and The Field. The Telegraph, food critic William Sitwell and award winning pub The Cotley Inn use her for food and lifestyle photography and she shoots interiors for Lindsay Cuthill at the The Blue Book Agency.  

Her main personal work includes a body of hunting portraits and scenes, which on completion will be exhibited and presented as a photo book. Previous projects on grittier subjects such as Devonshire pub the Northmore Arms and Swindon Greyhound Stadium allow her to explore subcultures from a less commercial perspective and intention. They were produced using 35mm and Medium Format.

She is currently completing her Masters in Photography at UWE, creating a photobook on hunting. The photobook, nearing completion, represents a comprehensive exploration of fox hunting, challenging prevailing narratives and offering viewers a profound and nuanced comprehension of the lives led by those devoted to hunting. It aims to bridge the gap between opposing viewpoints and foster meaningful dialogue on cultural practices, ethical dilemmas, and the complex relationship between humans, animals, and wildlife management. Through a combination of diverse portraits, atmospheric landscapes, and candid moments, the book evokes nostalgia, tradition, and the beauty of nature, inviting viewers to critically examine their preconceptions and cultural biases. The inclusion of intimate imagery, alongside scenes of the hunt and the ethical concerns it raises, generates discussions about the intersection of tradition, identity, and animal welfare. With a modern design aesthetic, the photobook juxtaposes contemporary elements with the age-old practice of fox hunting, attracting a wide audience and revitalizing the subject matter. Ultimately, this project serves as a catalyst for conversations, fostering empathy, understanding, and a fresh perspective on this captivating way of life. Georgina aims to have the book published by 2024. 

In her spare time she is often to be found in the winter on the hunting field, rather than photographing it riding sidesaddle, on a horse of dubious heritage. In the summer she is tinkering with her gypsy wagon, walking her lurcher or scouring vintage shops and antique markets for props and styling inspiration. Her best friends would describe her as ‘mischievous, direct and incredibly talented’.